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Photo: Jan Willem Scholten

My name is Kaleb Warnock and I’m currently a Austria-based master’s student at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna.

I’ve worked as a journalist for The New Indian Expressand The Vienna Reviewbut I’ve recently begun to expand my expertise beyond the journalism field. I now spend most of my time working as a freelance photographer in Vienna, and as the Managing Editor for, Polemics: the Magazine of the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna.

I’m a musician-writer-photographer-multimedia wiz, and I’m working on learning to speak Russian and German. I  focus a significant amount of my time writing about and researching the arms trade, organized crime, and terrorism. I’m am an avid supporter of the Small Arms Survey, the OSCE, and NATO initiatives.

Ideally, I have ambitions to work in the counter-terrorism or organized crime, and I hope to one day get a hold of a job in the field.

I’ve  received awards for my writing both academically and for my travelogue, Stumbling Through India. My essay, The New American Presidency and the Emerging Role of Political Journalism recently earned me the Hugh Sidey Scholarship and an  opportunity to visit Washington DC and the White House.

Finally, I’ve also got a photo blog for those who are interested in seeing a bit of my work. I’m easy to get a hold of. Shoot me an email at


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